Mandy - Barber
More About Mandy

Words that describe me: Goofy, Driven.

Fun fact: I used to work on cars.

The best thing about Tribute: Bill.

My signature statement: What a goofball.

Industry standouts: Cosmo License and Barber License

More About Sussan

Words that describe me: Adventurous, Curious, Generous, Optimistic.

Fun fact: I grew up in Oklahoma and the only thing I miss are the tornados.

The best thing about Tribute: The best thing about tribute is the energy. Everyone is always having a good time!

My signature statement: “Food is love”

Milkia - Barber
More About Milkia...

Words that describe you: Fun, Hardworking, Beautiful, talented

Fun fact about you:  I have a pizza rap

The greatest thing about Tribute
: You have the time to make every experience and cut perfect for the guest

Your signature statement
: “Bet?”  “Let’s do it!”

Industry standouts
: American Crew trained
Baily - Guest Services
More About Baily

Bio coming soon…

Abbie - Barber
More About Abbie

Words that describe me: Funtastical, Sarcastic, Caring, Giving.

Fun fact: I love to sing and dance when no one is around watching.

The greatest thing about tribute: Me! And the rest of my team/family here. I’m one of the best barbers you’ll ever come across.  

My signature statement: What’s for lunch?!

Industry standouts: Barber since 09’

Jess - Barber
More About Jess

Words that describe me: Sarcastic, Creative, Outgoing, Ambitious, Humorous.

The best thing about Tribute: The environment here is amazing. We get to be ourselves and we have the ability to express ourselves individually and creatively.

My signature statement: Where’s the beer?

Industry standouts: Barber & Cosmetology licenses, Advanced Men’s Haircutting Certification, Johnny B Clipper Cutting Certification

More About Tamicka

Bio coming soon…

More About Heidi

Bio coming soon…

Brittney - Barber
More About Brittney...

Words that describe me: Optimistic, Hopeful, Empathetic, Patient.

Fun fact: I make a fab house grandma and love to vacuum.

The greatest thing about Tribute: I love being able to focus on the guest in the chair and provide a white glove experience at all times.

My signature statements: “Well S*@$”, “Oh my lanta”, “It’s a hoot”

Industry standouts: Corporate Educator for Great Clips, American Crew Method Trained, American Crew Educator, Barber, Finalist in the State Hair Design Competition, Men’s State Design Team Member

Bill - Stylist
More About Bill...

Words that describe me: Witty, Jokester, Experienced, Caring.

Fun fact: I’m a Saw Dust Fairy!

The greatest thing about Tribute: Mandy.

My signature statement: “What!?” “Huh!?” “Dontchyaknow”

Industry standouts: Business Owner, 45 Years in the Industry

Dina - Manager
More About Dina

Words that describe me: Loyal, Candid.

The best thing about Tribute: This is a family, we truly care about each other and we work together as a team.

My signature statement: Just do it!

Industry standouts:  I’ve been managing in this industry for 15 years.

More About Jessie

Words that describe me:
meticulous, detail-oriented

Fun fact:
My roots run deep in Colorado; my ancestors were homesteaders in the Loveland area during the late 1800’s.

The best thing about Tribute:
We are an incredible team of talented, wonderful people!

My signature statement:
Make time to take care of yourself. When you look good, you feel good!

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