March 5

Make people notice you through your style.


Is it true that our sense of occasion has been lost over time? Has the casual art of the dress code today taken away our ability to fully represent who we are? Our take is, unless you are known by one name or you have taken your own company public, your dress code is not to be taken lightly. You might think it is okay, but do you really come out on top when you are the most casually dressed man in the room?

When thinking about each detail, make sure to look at your pocket square.  This can enhance your already impeccable suit.  Check out to find unique patterns and colors.

How about your shoes?  When was the last time you got the polished?  Shoes set the tone for your attention to detail.

My challenge to you is to take it upon yourself to be the man who makes an impression, honors the house style and sets a higher standard.


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