March 19

What, why and how do you wear a pocket square ?


One thing that is truly interesting is the depth of a man’s style. Today, suits are not only for the financial or law industry, they can be worn at any company for any occasion and still work.  They are fashionable and adaptable to most business situations you find yourself in.

I know what your thinking though, suits can be very expensive if you decide to go with a “Made to Measure” company. That is true, but there are many solutions out there that are “Made to Measure” but very affordable.

Once you find that type of suit you like, it is time to choose the color because the color of the suit portrays certain signals. Once you have selected the color, you must then decide on the shoes, the socks and don’t forget the belt.

At this point, you have now embarked on a mission to set an example, a trend and a statement. You choose your cuff-links, tie-pins, signet rings or bow tie because you are officially in the club of style.

There can’t by anymore, right? What about those things sticking out of the suit pocket? What is it? Well, it used to be known as a handkerchief but today we call them a pocket square.

So why wear one of these things? That is what we are here to explain so don’t worry, but yes you should wear one with a suit. If you don’t have a suit, however, you can wear just a jacket as jackets are making a major comeback.

In all reality, most men don’t wear pocket squares because they truly don’t know it is an option, they don’t know where you get them or even how you fold them to make them work. This is why most haven’t even considered them as part of their suit/jacket arsenal.

Some might fear that it may draw attention to you. Looking sharp always draws attention but in a very sophisticated and professional way. Wearing a jacket alone draws attention to you because it still isn’t a common trend. When you add the pocket square, however, you create more of an impactful statement.

Now think of this, you are in a room, wearing a suit or a jacket with a pocket square, and you have been noticed by most. Your next big advantage to the pocket square is it becomes a conversation starter, which really becomes the beginning to anything.

Now that I have gone through what a pocket square is and why you should wear it its time to buy one. Let’s keep it simple to start. Lets begin this journey with your basic white pocket square that you will be able to find in most any men’s department. You will have choices in linen, cotton or silk, its up to you to choose whichever your preference it. From here, you will need to fold it. Now pocket squares can be folded in numerous ways but lets not complicate it too soon. Begin with your simple square folded perfectly so the crease is about a half inch above your pocket line. This fold is known as the Presidential fold.

Now that you have learned so much about the pocket square, give it a try and wait to see what happens. I’m guessing you will be amazed at the compliments and looks you receive.


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