March 12

Do you know how to choose and wear cologne?


Do you smell……….Good?

A distinct scent for a man is a must these days. It’s a signature that resonates on everything you wear, and lingers in the minds of anyone you run into. You’ll be amazed at the kinds of compliments you will get can get when you improve your natural scent and enhance it with a powerful yet sophisticated cologne.

How to choose the scent

When choosing cologne, you need to consider your personal style and image. Start by selecting a few different options and determine your first impressions. You should experience many different options and then start to narrow them down based on your preferences. Make sure they have coffee beans or another form of a fragrance neutralizer. This is because your sense of smell can be easily overwhelmed at the counter and you want to have something to smell in between each cologne. Once you have it narrowed down to your top 2-3, it strictly becomes a choice as they all have peaked interest.

Teach me how to apply it

Your next objective is to ensure you know how to apply the cologne. If you follow some of the following principles you will avoid some of the typical mistakes people make:

  • Your wrist and neck are points where the body puts off the most heat which in turn allows the cologne to emanate outward
  • Spraying the cologne on your chest will allow you to protect the scent and make it last longer which in turn allows it to linger into the night
  • Two sprays on the chest and one on the wrist
  • Don’t keep applying it if you don’t think it is strong enough. Your nose will get used to it reducing your ability to notice. Avoid OVERDOING it
  • If you wear deodorant, make sure not to wear something too powerful as it will create a potent interaction mix of scents
  • If its warm outside, be careful as heat enhances smells. You want to avoid too many sprays during hotter days.

If you haven’t dove into the world of cologne, this should help entice you to do so.  Remember that the first impression you make is vital to your ability to own the room, meeting or any event you attend.  Leave the women you surround yourself with a memory that will last for weeks if not months.


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