March 27

I’m a man, I don’t need a facial, do I?

I’ll bet that you might think that getting a facial is not something for us men to do. The perception of it is the cozy slippers, relaxing in the spa with the soothing music and if it’s a really pampering spa you might be offered infused water to wet the pallet. Yes, I know I understand. The real motivation to get these types of services done by Beauty Professionals or Service Providers (SP) is the same reason we take our car to a mechanic, they can do it better than we can.

The amount of abuse our skin receives from shaving or the sun cannot be fixed with the typical soap you buy at the store even if you are washing and cleaning it every day. You might notice that the irritation goes down or redness subsides, but that doesn’t mean you are in the clear. What I’m trying to tell you is that we need facials more than women do due to many reasons. We have much coarser skin than ladies do and larger pores, which can lead to an increased chance of sun damage.   I’m also sure that you don’t use sunscreen as much as you should; I know I don’t. Below you will find some reasons as to why you might think about treating your face to a detoxifying, anti aging facial.

Because we have higher levels of testosterone, we produce more oils than women. If you don’t take care of the oils properly then your pores will clog and produce blackheads, which can turn into acne. One part of the facial service that can create a little discomfort but is necessary is the extractions. Using a small implement, the Service Provider will work to clear up any and all blackheads. This aspect of the service is essential if you want to really clear up and take care of your face. Let the pros do it, as you might damage the skin if you do it yourself.

Now, I’m not saying we all have very oily skin because you may not. This is where the SP will provide a thorough consultation and help you identify your specific needs. You will find multiple options of facials out there. Such facials fall in the category of Anti Aging, Moisturizing, Anti Acne or Rejuvenation.   Once your SP has determined your needs, let them get to work. This is now your time to sit back, relax and enjoy the process.

There are great benefits to facials. One benefit is you will get a much smoother shave. When we take our blade and run it across our face every day or every other day, we cause a lot of harsh damage and irritation to our skin. This can create razor burn, inflammation and/or irritation. The result of this could be ingrown hairs, acne or a rash that burns.  The facial service you receive will deep clean the bumps and sooth the irritated skin. Your SP will clean your face with a cleanser, exfoliate the skin, apply a mask and finish off with a moisturizer. These steps will lead to a smooth and soft face and start to begin the healing process. You will notice a clean, tighter, less wrinkled brighter glow to your face that others will wonder how you did it.

When you are finished, let your SP tell you what they used, when to use it, how to use it and why. After a facial, you should have a regimen built for you and take some products away so you can be effective between now and your next facial service. The products you will buy at your salon or shop will be much more effective than anything you can buy at the grocery stores.   A good SP will show you the techniques they used and how much product you need to apply. Please make sure you fully understand this before you leave so you are organized when you get home.

Don’t be afraid to get these types of services anymore. Your skin deserves it and you will keep you face looking younger and happier if you do.   Make sure to stay consistent with it. I would recommend getting a facial once a month. My last piece of advice would be to invest in some good products. This will keep the experts work going for weeks to come.


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