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Our expert stylists customize looks so you’ll feel confident and look your best.

Choose from our extensive list of grooming services – haircuts, shaves, hair removal, skin care, and more.
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Price List

Tribute Barbershop’s haircut prices vary based on Service Provider according to their tenure, growth, and expertise with Tribute. The price of all certain services can vary based on the complexity and is at the sole discretion of the Service Provider.


Haircut                                         From: $35

Razor Fade                                  From: $45

Young Gentlemans                     $30 (<10)

Mustache/Beard Detail              From: $15

Grey Blending                              From: $30


Traditional Shave                                   $35

Half Face Shave                                     $30

Iconic Face Shave                                  $55

Head Shave                                             $30


Detox Facial                                           $35

Gentleman’s Facial                                $60

Hand Detail                                            $25

Hair Removal

Brow, Nose, Ear                                 $10/ea


The Iconic                                              $140

The Executive                                        $75


The Iconic

Gentleman’s Cut, Traditional Shave, Gentleman’s Facial, Hand Detail and a Facial Wax 

The Executive

Gentleman’s Cut, Facial and Hand Detail 

Our Team

We know our guests have high service and grooming expectations. We only employ the best certified barbers and stylists who can refresh your current look or can update you with a new style. Their extensive knowledge, professionalism and customer service will ensure you have a great experience no matter which stylist you choose.

We designate our Providers with titles which differentiate them by their price points. Stylists and Barbers are in their first year with Tribute.  From there, they grow within the company based on tenure, demand and skill sets with us.

  1. Stylist/Barber - $35 - First year with Tribute
  2. Advanced Stylist/Barber - $40
  3. Senior Stylist/Barber - $45
  4. Master Stylist/Barber - $50
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Master Barber

Words that describe me: Goofy, Driven.
Fun fact: I used to work on cars.

The best thing about Tribute: Bill.

My signature statement: What a goofball.

Industry standouts: Cosmo License and Barber License

Master Barber

Words that describe me: Optimistic, Hopeful, Empathetic, Patient.

Fun fact: I make a fab house grandma and love to vacuum.

The best thing about Tribute: I love being able to focus on the guest in the chair and provide a white glove experience at all times.

My signature statement: “Well S*@$”, “Oh my lanta”, “It’s a hoot”

Industry standouts: Corporate Educator for Great Clips, American Crew Method Trained, American Crew Educator, Barber, Finalist in the State Hair Design Competition, Men’s State Design Team Member

Master Barber

Words that describe me: Funtastical, Sarcastic, Caring, Giving.

Fun fact: I love to sing and dance when no one is around watching.

The best thing about Tribute: Me! And the rest of my team/family here. I’m one of the best barbers you’ll ever come across.

My signature statement: What’s for lunch?!

Industry standouts: Barber since 09’

Advanced Stylist

Words that describe me: Funny, charismatic, passionate, respectful, enjoyable.

Fun fact: Burnt the house down at 7 years old. Shares a bday with Vidal Sassoon.

The best thing about Tribute: How professional it is here and how mush they respect the clients.

My signature statement: Be yourself.

Industry standouts: Certified cutting in Bumble and Bumble, Tony and Guy, American Crew and Loreal. 22+ Years in the industry, Scissor over comb and beard expert.

Advanced Barber

Words that describe me: Meticulous, detail-oriented.

Fun fact: My roots run deep in Colorado; my ancestors were homesteaders in the Loveland area during the late 1800’s.

The best thing about Tribute: We are an incredible team of talented, wonderful people!

Signature Statement: Make time to take care of yourself. When you look good, you feel good!

Advanced Stylist

Words that describe me: Adventurous, Curious, Generous, Optimistic.

Fun fact: I grew up in Oklahoma and the only thing I miss are the tornados.

The best thing about Tribute: The best thing about tribute is the energy. Everyone is always having a good time!

My signature statement: "Food is love”

Advanced Stylist

Words that describe me: Diva

Fun fact: I have O.P.D ( OBSESSIVE PRINCE “The Entertainer” DISORDER)

The best thing about Tribute: They treat their Service Providers with respect.

My signature statement: Live, Love, Laugh

Industry standouts: 30 Years in the Industry I love


Words That describe you: Funny, Sweet, Thoughtful

Fun Fact: I love animals so much that I throw my dog a birthday each year and make her a cake!

Best thing about Colorado: The music

Signature Statement: Treat yoself!

Industry Standouts: Aveda Trained, Certified Scalp Therapist, Barbicide Certified, Pravana Color Certified


Words That describe you: Creative, Supportive, Loyal, Passionate

Fun Fact: Loves to travel

Best thing about Colorado: The Colorado Avalanche and the mountains

Signature Statement: Bad hair day? I can fix that.

Industry Standouts: Trained with Antoine Du Chez for 3 years with 5 of their top stylists. I also trained with Steven Tascano who was an educator with Vidal Sassoon. I am a Master colorist and stylist and I have been in the industry for 24 years


Words That describe you: Outgoing, Adventurous, Funny, Entrepreneur

Fun Fact: I packed my whole house up in a tiny CRV and moved across country to Colorado.

Best thing about Colorado: The views and AMAZING people!

Signature Statement: Don't be afraid to take a risk.

Industry Standouts: Master in scissor cutting and razor fades.

Advanced Barber

Words that describe me: Professional, respectful, customer service driven, consistent and detailed with my craft, foodie

Fun fact: I have a love hate relationship with Netflix. I binge then I cancel my account only to sign up and binge again.

The best thing about Tribute: I love working in an environment with people that work so well together

My signature statement: “Family focused but work driven.”

Industry standouts: Dual License in Barbering and Cosmetology, Excels in short fades, American Crew certified, Redken Master Specialist, 18+ years behind the chair


Words that describe me: Inquisitive * Solution seeker * Thoughtful * Creative * Detail oriented * Fun * Health & Environment focused * Always learning * Good listener * Appreciate being outdoors & in nature * Artful lifestyle

Fun fact: I’m an Artist & I like to dance.

The best thing about Tribute: I love working in an environment with people that work so well together

My signature statement: "Get educated, be humble. For every piece of information we think we know, there is probably 20 times more info about the same subject we don’t know."

Industry standouts: Licensed Cosmetologist with more than 20 years cutting experience * Predominately worked with male clientele * Worked at Toni & Guy * Experienced in a wide range of styles & trends from Conservative to Funky * Educated in product knowledge & use * Beards * Fades * Longer men’s styles * Razor fades * Fantastic shampoos!

Guest Services

Words That describe you: Bubbly, Funny, Caring

Fun Fact: Best cat mom in town and out of town too!

Best thing about Colorado: The colors of this beautiful state that change each year.

Signature Statement: Manifesting fruitfully and abundantly.

Industry Standouts: I have been in customer for 14 years!

General Manager

Words That describe you: Energetic, Genuine, Uplifting

Fun Fact: I am a Chicago native and have lived in Co for 6 years!

Best thing about Colorado: Waking up to clear blue skies most every morning.

Signature Statement: The best has yet to come!

Industry Standouts: 16 years of accommodating customer service.

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